Reasons Why Redmond Oregon Is A Great Place To Live

Looking for a rental property in Central Oregon? There are a lot of reasons to think about Redmond as your relocation option: Here’s why we’re big fans, and what advantages the city brings to the table.

Redmond is a Great Spot to Live and Work

Redmond has many of the features that make Bend such a great place to live, but on a somewhat smaller, cozier scale. You may find it’s easier to get to know people in Redmond, and the city prides itself on retaining its “hometown” feel even as it has greatly expanded in recent years. Common attractions include: 

The Advantage of Redmond Prices

Another significant benefit to relocating to Redmond is the rental price range: The cost of living in Redmond is a bit lower than that of Bend, and this applies to rentals as well. Those looking for Redmond rentals will be pleased to discover a variety of price ranges with more affordable options than Bend usually has – and a community delighted to welcome new members. 

Redmond Home Availability

Along with better comparative pricing, Redmond has another advantage for those looking for the right rental: Availability is usually better. Bend’s rental market is heavily saturated, with a 2% or less vacancy rate, which can make it very difficult to find a rental in the city. Redmond offers a bit more flexibility here, with lower vacancy rates that mean it’s often easier to find a rental, especially if you have a certain location in mind. 

Redmond and Traveling

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the other big advantage to Redmond: Easy access to the Redmond airport! Redmon’s luxurious airport (RDM) offers comfortable lobbies, top-notch cuisine while you wait, and efficient terminal services. It’s the primary airport center on this side of the state, so if you travel frequently for business or pleasure it’s nice to be located nearby. 

If you are interested in exploring Redmond opportunities for relocation, we can help! Our property management company is ready and waiting to match you up with the right spot in Redmond for your work, family or any other needs you may have.