Reasons Why Bend Oregon is a Great Place to Live

Interested in rentals in Bend, Oregon? This city is a popular destination for a reason: Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to consider living here, directly from the people who have already tried living in Bend. 

It’s an Outdoor City Like Nothing You’ve Seen

Bend is synonymous with outdoor fun! People from around the world visit to take advantage of our snowy slopes, top-quality powder for snowboarding, and trails that span from the mountains to high desert canyons. With the Deschutes River flowing through the heart of the city, there are also plenty of opportunities for paddleboarding, floating, and kayaking. Boaters and swimmers will love the numerous mountain lakes, while cyclists will like exploring the winding roads across Bend’s varied landscape. There really is something for everyone.

It’s Especially Friendly Toward Entrepreneurs and New Businesses

Bend has long been considered an excellent spot to set up a new venture or open a business. There are plenty of incubators willing to help out entrepreneurs, and great networks of small business owners that are more than happy to support each other. Outdoor, tech, cannabis, and healthcare industries are all thriving here too, so it’s no surprise Bend has been in the top cities in the country in recent years for employment growth. 

The Cost of Living is More Affordable than the Major Northwest Cities

Bend compares very favorably when you examine the cost of living in relation to cities like Portland or Seattle. That makes it a popular option for those who want a lifestyle similar to such larger cities (albeit with a lot more sunshine in Bend) but are turned off by the prices and general cost of living. In many ways, Bend is a more affordable alternative that can be a great fit for future plans. 

It’s Easy to Get Around

Don’t worry about commutes or driving issues! Bend has a great network of roads and bike paths that are easy to understand and navigate. For a city nestled close to mountains and encompassing buttes, it’s surprisingly easy to find your way around thanks to clear-set districts, plentiful roundabouts, and basic landmarks. You won’t need to keep fishing out a map to get around!

The Views are Always Stunning

People living in Bend can look forward to beautiful views every day: Whether it’s forests, rivers, sunsets over mountains, rising misty hills, stretching plains, or just lots of blue sky – there really is something for everyone. And it never gets old. 

People Are Friendly

Bend is filled with…well, people like you. People who moved to the high desert city because they loved the outdoors, the mountains, the climate, the beer – and the work opportunities that Bend represented. The result is a city where people are welcomed as locals, no matter where they came from. When living in Bend Oregon, you can always count on getting a smile, a friendly conversation, or some good advice when you need it. 

You’ll Never Lack Entertainment

You may have heard that Bend is famous for its independent breweries and delicious beer. That’s true, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. In Bend, you’ll also find a thriving cuisine scene where bold restaurants and food carts offer foods fused from cultures around the world, where there’s always something new and tasty to try. Bend is also well-connected to the circuit of indie artists and musicians across the Northwest, so there are always multiple new bands to hear or events to visit. And that’s in addition to local sports, races, and frequent festivals, which shift for both summer and winter weather. Basically, you’ll never have to sit around feeling bored!

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