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3 Tips for Greening Your Rental Property

Lisa Berg - Wednesday, June 3, 2020

It's easy to make your rental property environmentally friendly. Follow these three tips to increase your property's energy efficiency and save you money.

Oregon and Washington state are home to the only rainforests in all of the continental United States. Those who choose to live here in Bend, Oregon and its nearby areas often do so because they are drawn to the beauty of the area and the incredible outdoor recreational opportunities it offers. One way to likewise draw those people to your residential properties is to invest in something they and many Oregonians care about: Being green.

Being green or being environmentally conscious helps to contribute towards global conservation efforts but it also has the side benefits of often saving you more money in the long-run via less energy and longer-lasting materials and will make your properties become more desirable to the local renter base by appealing to their want for sustainable living. Get started today with the following:

3 Easy Ways to Green Up Your Rental Property in Bend

  1. Replace old appliances with energy-efficient ones. You don't have to replace all of your appliances at once, but as old units wear down, replace them with highly rated energy-efficient options. Energy-efficient home appliances and HVAC equipment can save your renters hundreds of dollars on utility bills every year -- which is a great green bullet point when listing your rental. Today's energy-efficient equipment also have longer working lifespans, which you'll appreciate in the long-run. 
  2. Swap to programmable thermostats. Programmable thermostats are one of the cheapest and easiest changes you can make to any apartment or rental home and yet it will have among the most dramatic effects for your tenants. Programmable thermostats enable residents to create temperature schedules so that the thermostat will automatically turn on when they need it to and turn off or down/up when they're not home or asleep and don't have a preference. This helps significantly reduce a resident's day-to-day energy usage and it also helps cut down on long-term maintenance items like air filters. 
  3. Renovate your bathrooms to reduce water consumption. In eastern Oregon, the months of rainfall can make it seem like water usage isn't something to be concerned about. But when renovating your rental property in Bend, reducing water usage is a big step towards promoting it as a better example of sustainable living. Consider either investing in a dual-flush toilet that will significantly reduce your renters' water usage and thereby water bill or use a retrofit kit that will convert a normal toilet into a dual-flush one. Additionally, swap out showerheads to water-saving low-flow options. Note, low flow doesn't mean low-pressure. 

Go Paperless With Our Property Management Company

Another easy way to go green is to move all your paperwork online, including things like having your renters pay you online either via direct deposit or a cash app like Venmo. Or, you can choose to outsource that paperless billing and application process by contacting and working with our property management company. We're proud to work with an array of rental properties in and outside of Bend, helping landlords transform their units and get the best returns possible. Contact us today to learn more. 

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